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Even though we love WordPress, much of the Nerd Vittles subject matter just needs a facelift once the original columns have run. We also have been searching for a format with less processing overhead which better lends itself to printing and to keeping articles and apps current without losing the context of the original information. So welcome to the Best of Nerd Vittles. And special thanks to Justin Tunney for this terrific web layout that really shines in presenting technical articles. We think you'll agree after you take the tour.

Our plan is to keep this new site relatively current and, as time permits, to rework many of the Nerd Vittles articles into a format which better lends itself to permanent storage. As we add articles and applications to the collection, we'll post a blurb here. So check back often, or, better yet, subscribe to our RSS Feed and get notification each time the site is updated. Where appropriate, comments from the original blog will be incorporated into the new format as well. And you can click on the tabs above to review everything that is available. Feedback is, of course, always welcomed. Enjoy the new site!

Articles generally are divided into one or more of the following sections. Rather than repeating this same information over and over, here's a quick, one-time explanation of HOW TO use the various components:

  • Desktop Download - Reserved for stuff that needs to be downloaded to the desktop of your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Typically, it will need to be unzipped for further use during an install.
  • System Installation - Reserved for downloads and installs that require logging into your application server as root and performing one or more installation steps... in order.
  • Dialplan Installation - Reserved for code that needs to be added to the Asterisk® dialplan. Usually (but not always) the code will be added to /etc/asterisk/extensions_trixbox.conf. For those using freePBX but not TrixBox, the same code can generally be installed in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf.
  • Configuration - Reserved for steps which need to be performed after successfully installing an application.
  • Instructions - Reserved for setup or usage instructions.
  • Documentation - A quick and dirty manual for using an application.
  • Usage or Examples - Sample usage tips.
  • Tips - Suggestions contributed by others to make things work better.
  • Legal - What You Can and Can't Do With Our Applications. It's all GPLv.2 unless otherwise stated.

Asterisk is a registered trademark of Digium, Inc.

In addition to Mohammed (of Hegira fame), Robert E. Lee, Edith Bunker (aka Jean Stapleton), and Janis Joplin, Nerd Vittles celebrates a big birthday today. To kick off the festivities, we've posted the first wave of reworked articles. Enjoy!