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Ward Mundy is a retired attorney who spent more than 30 years providing legal and technology assistance to the federal courts in the United States. Nerd Vittles is the author's feeble attempt to put technology information down where the goats can get it. You can obtain a more complete (aka boring) bio by sending a blank email message to bio at wardmundy.com.

Technical contributions from others are always welcomed. Comments and suggestions which advance the cause of simplifying the hurdles that invariably confront those just beginning a new technology project are encouraged.

Finally, a word about donations. We aren't morally opposed to folks donating a reasonable amount to our party fund if you benefit from the materials on Nerd Vittles. It really does encourage us to perform more good deeds and write more software. We also get commissions from some hosting providers, but we only recommend providers that we use and like. The money really is secondary and most assuredly not an incentive to write nice things. Having said all of that, if you're strapped for money or morally opposed to donations or just a freeloader, don't feel the least bit guilty about skipping the donation step or finding your own hosting providers independently. It won't hurt our feelings.